Why LBD?

The Little Black Dress, or LBD, is a staple for most women.


Do you have last minute dinner plans? Grab your LBD.

Lunch with friends? Grab your LBD.

Business meeting that requires your best game? You know it… Grab your LBD.

The LBD allows the wearer to be comfortable and confident in any setting. The LBD is timeless. It fits in with everything and everywhere. It never goes out of style.

Every fashion icon has their picture made in an LBD. It’s classy and allows you to share your personal. Your personality brings the brand.

When I created Lending by Design, my own LBD, I wanted to blend my love for fashion with my passion for providing people with the best possible experience when purchasing a home. As a former licensed realtor, I knew the home purchasing process from start to finish.


I also knew I wanted to set the standard in the mortgage world with a symbol of excellence no one would forget. There is no item within the world of fashion more iconic than the LBD. It sets the standard. So, I took it as my own.

At Lending By Design, we provide hands-on, white glove service throughout the mortgage and refinancing process. Everyone who works with my team and me feels heard, valued, and appreciated. I seek to create a seamless transition into new home ownership for people of all ages and phases of life.

And that’s why I’ve started this blog and I’m increasing my reach on social media. I want to keep you informed about what’s happening in the mortgage world. I also want to show you what makes me, me.

You won’t need a mortgage every day. But, one day you will. Or, someone you know will. I want you to know me as a person, so you trust me with your investment.


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Oh, and tag me in your LBD pictures. I can’t wait to see them!


My style brought to you by:

First picture is my LBD everyday:

Dress – Cynthia Rowley

Boots – Zara

Belt – Gucci

Jewelry –The Jen Collection, Hermes

Second and third pictures are my LBD weekend:

Dress – Current Elliot

Denim jacket – Current Elliot  

Sneakers – Golden Goose

Purse – Valentino