The LBD Party Hosting Guide

I love hosting parties! As a realtor turned mortgage lender, I know that every detail matters no matter if I’m at a closing for a new upscale condo or refinancing your home.

Hosting a party requires the same amount of detail to ensure your guests have a great time and those who didn’t show make sure to make your next party. From the lighting to the music, the location to the glassware, I leave no box unchecked. I also think a great party will further relationships with people. I love connecting people as much as I love great fashion and fabulous mortgage rates!

Recently, I hosted a party to celebrate the launch of my blog! I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments from the party planning to the execution with you all.

Step 1. Choose an intimate location. I’m a huge fan of local locations with a great backstory. When I found Mere’s, a local cheese and wine boutique, I knew it was the spot I wanted to host my first blog party. The layout ensures the room always looks full yet my guests had plenty of room to move.

Step 2. Choose crowd-pleasing nibbles. Meredith Mullins is a wine and cheese expert. She decided to chase her dream of business ownership a few years ago and opened Mere’s in late 2018. Because of her passion and customer service, she took the time to pick the perfect three course wine tasting options for my party plus added the perfect charcuterie boards to ensure my guests’ pallets were pleased.

Step 3. Create an impressive invitation. We’ve gotta get the people to our parties, right? I work with Brynn Rodie on all of my invitations. She runs the design department for Vestique Boutique and is mega-talented. I loved her invitation so much I wore the same outfit to my party!

Step 4. Invite the people. Once the location, nibbles, and invitation are set, it’s time to get people to your party. I’ve found that I have to reach out to each person in a way that makes the most sense for them. I made sure my invitation designed worked as a text message, email alert, or Instagram direct message. I sent it to my list in a variety of ways and they responded beautifully.

Step 5. Make a statement. What I find makes my parties memorable is the small touches. I wanted a unique dessert option so I had my dear friend and catering genius, Luke Manlove of Belmont’s Speciality Foods, design a luscious chocolate board.

Step 6. Give a gift. I also want my guests taking home something special. This time I purchased City Farm Foods speciality jams and added a customized LBD “You’re My Jam!” label. Believe me, Team LBD will be remembered every time my guests spread these delicious local flavors on their toast.

Step 7. Set the stage. Choose background music that sets the tone for your guests. For this party, and most of my parties, I went with Fleetwood Mac. I also had great napkins, glassware, and balloons to add a bit of festive to the entire experience.

Step 8. HAVE FUN! The best part of the party is the people. And the actual party, right? We had a blast! The details put into the event led to an incredible night. In fact, some of my guests shut down Mere’s and all of them will be back for more.

At Team LBD, we support local and we support each of you. I loved throwing this party as much as I love seeing someone purchase a new home. It’s all about the details when it comes to the LBD lifestyle, right?

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